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Equine Veterinary Clinic

Pepper Tree Farm is able to offer a range of equine veterinary services with a fully equipped veterinary clinic onsite.


As an extension of our Standardbred breeding operations, Rob and Julie’s daughter, Dr Brianna Vandyke BVSc/BVBio (Hons), has returned home after several years of further training with the foremost specialists of the equine veterinary field to establish the Pepper Tree Farm Equine Clinic.


Pepper Tree Farm Equine Clinic offers a range of industry specific services such as embryo transfer, problem pregnancy management, assessment and treatment of difficult breeders, artificial insemination with both chilled and frozen semen, care of the newborn foal, as well as all other aspects of equine veterinary care for your horse.


At Pepper Tree Farm Equine Clinic our aim is to provide the highest standard of equine veterinary practice to the horses whose care is entrusted to us.


For further information on the services that Pepper Tree Farm Equine Clinic can provide for your horse head to our clinic website at